Vodku Band was reformed in 2000, in Budapest, Hungary. The band would like to present music of Hungary and Central and Eastern European peoples on stage, mixed with the band’s own musical conception. Besides the Hungarian folk music motives, folk themes of Central and Eastern Europe and The Balkan are also dominant in the music of Vodku – compounded with the style of rock, jazz, and progressive music. Hearing this multicultural mix of music, many peoples of Central and Eastern European region can feel themselves comfortable.

Major gigs from the past few years:

  • 2014.  Hévíz, Day of Hungarian Song
  • 2014. CD release Concert, Városmajor Open Air Stage
  • 2014 - Eger, Kaláka Festival
  • 2013. - Gotherburg, Sweden
  • 2012. Sziget, Roma Tent
  • 2011. Satchno Jazz Club, Maribor, Szlovénia
  • 2011. Ferrara Buskers Festival, Italy
  • 2011 Haizetara Festival, Spain
  • 2009 - Tour in Mexico

 Band members:
  • Bede Sarolta - lead vocal, accordion, whistle, kazoo
  • Bata István - guitar, vocal
  • Szabó Árpád - violin, mandolin, vocal
  • Takács Szabolcs - bass guitar, double bass
  • Bakos Csaba - tapan, derbuka, cajon
  • Nemes János - alto and tenor saxophone, flute, kaval, bass clarinet
  • Vázsonyi János - soprano and alto saxophone